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Woodside House

        D.A.P.S. was asked to investigate a personal residence near Woodside, Delaware that was built in 1942 by a local businessman. The house is 71 years old and had been in the same family for many years until the current owners purchased it.  

        D.A.P.S. was called in by the current owners to investigate strange activity they have experienced. We were given a tour of the home, and told about the activity they have experienced there. The owner claimed experiencing seeing shadows moving in the bedroom area, and the family pet dog acting strangely and growling and clawing in a corner of the front bedroom.  The home is very small, and we were limited to one of the two bedrooms, the attic, and the basement, part of which was used as a living area. As a result D.A.P.S. was not able to set up the IR Cameras for use during this investigation as the areas were too small for them to be affective.

        With this information, the DAPS team selected our handheld equipment and paired off into teams of two. DAPS investigated the home for several hours using all available equipment and techniques. At some points during the investigation, investigators used the dog to join the team as they investigated. This is commonly known as presenting a trigger object. This would be a person, pet, or object which seems to attract or consistently experience paranormal activity.


         During the investigation D.A.P.S. investigators took nearly 200 digital images, performed numerous EVP Sessions, recorded Full Spectrum video with the hand held camcorder, and did extensive EMF sweeps trying to capture evidence of paranormal activity, or information that would explain the experiences reported by the home owners


        D.A.P.S. spent several days reviewing the audio, video and image files captured during the investigation.


        Our Findings Are As Follows.






        Unfortunately no photo, video, or audio evidence of paranormal activity was captured with any of the devices used. This will occur on occasion, and will happen for a variety of possible reasons. Some reasons may include that the spirits were not presenting themselves during the investigation, paranormal activity was not occurring at the residence, or possibly a person or object with an attachment was not present while the investigation was being conducted. This in no way negates what the home owner claimed to be experiencing.



                                      Possible Explanation


       However, D.A.P.S. does believe they have a possible explanation for the experiences that were reported. During the initial sweep of the home where an investigator sweeps the whole location with the K2 meter to get EMF base readings, they found very high EMF levels in the front bedroom where activity was reported, and in the basement living area. The common term for areas in a location where high EMF readings are found is called a Fear Cage.


       Typical EMF base readings using the K2 would consist of one light with possibly a flicker now and again of a second light. The readings recorded at this location were 3 and 4 lights consistently with occasional spikes to the maximum 5 light mark. These readings are significant. Upon investigating, investigators found the main electrical service meter and lines were attached to the outside of the house on the front wall where the front bedroom was situated. The basement living area was right next to and below the main electrical service breaker box. 5 light maximum readings were consistent near the dehumidifier, and aquarium in the basement, and high readings were recorded next to the bed.


        Prolonged exposure to very high EMF can cause a variety of issues from light headed feeling, dizziness, lack of motivation, and in some cases has the ability to make humans hallucinate and think they are seeing shadows. High EMF are simply not healthy for humans.


       The home was built in 1942, and although the main electrical service meter and service box in the basement were modernized, the wiring in the walls may be the original, and may possibly be of the old knob and tube variety, or at least very early poorly insulated non-metallic cable or possibly early armored cable. Investigators saw very old wiring in some electrical switch boxes that had no covers and the wiring looked original to the home which would confirm this theory. Old wiring due to its poor insulating quality, produces high EMF.




      D.A.P.S. believes that no actual paranormal activity is taking place at the residence, and that the occupants are being subjected to very high EMF fields which is causing them to feel and see the things they reported.


      Further, the report of the dog growling and jumping in one corner of the front bedroom is not likely to be paranormal. Animals, especially dogs, are very sensitive to high EMF. That is one possible explanation for the dogs actions. Due to the age of the home, it is also possible that insects or some sort of small animal has gotten into the front wall of the home and taking up residence there. We could not get to the front wall in the attic due to dangerous flooring conditions up there, so we were unable to search for possible animal activity or droppings. An examination of the exterior of the home was inconclusive. Also, the home owners allowed other pets to stay and play on the small porch which was attached to the same wall where the dog was acting out. Its possible that one of the other pets was out there and the dog heard it, or due to some pet food spillage, possibly a small animal or rodent was getting onto the porch and making enough noise to alert the heightened senses of the dog causing him to growl and scratch in that location.



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