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        D.A.P.S. was asked to investigate a working business in Wilmington, Delaware that was built around 1946. This building is nearly 66 years old and houses two different businesses. It has been owned by same family since 1986, however it has gone through several changes over years.

      D.A.P.S. was called in by the current employees to investigate strange noises and sighting activity they have experienced. We were given a tour of the business, and told about the activity they have experienced there. The employees and owner claimed experiencing thumps late at night, apparitions watching them, as well as seeing energy orbs following people around on the security cameras. D.A.P.S. was also told of objects being manipulated in the ladies room.

       With this information, the DAPS team set up our equipment and paired off into teams of two. DAPS investigated the business for several hours using all available equipment and techniques. At some points during the investigation, employees and the owner who were the victims of spirit activity were welcomed to join the team as they investigated. This is commonly known as presenting a trigger object. This would be a person or thing which seems to attract paranormal activity. Other trigger objects were also used. One of the important things for a paranormal group is to capture solid evidence of paranormal activity that backs up what the client has reported. It's also important to capture data that will back up experiences had by the paranormal investigators during their investigation, and to find possible rational explanations for activity reported. Upon review of the evidence, we did find what we think is solid proof that something paranormal may be happening at the business.

      We will cover EVP evidence first, followed by Photo and Video clips. One note regarding Orbs. Many paranormal professionals dismiss Orbs outright. Far too many groups try to present paranormal Orb "evidence" that allegedly show Orbs when in fact they are bugs or more likely dust. DAPS does not completely dismiss Orbs as a legitimate paranormal event, however, DAPS is very cautious about presenting what we believe may be legitimate Orbs unless there is compelling evidence as to the Orb being a legitimate paranormal event.


These are our findings.


 EVP Evidence



     Besides the video and digital photo evidence, the DAPS teams were able to perform a lot of EVP sessions trying to make contact. We also have a recorder near each video cam. On review of the audio files, we found a few excellent EVP's.


      Note: For the best listening experience, use headphones and raise the volume on your device. 



     One of the first EVP's to be captured was with the digital recorder that was placed in the ladies room. Earlier, David had taken a photo in this room and when he turned to leave, the sink turned on. He wanted to capture that if it happened again so he placed a spare recorder on the vanity. This was left on during the entire investigation from that point.  At the time this evidence was captured, David would step into the room and snap photos hoping to get another event with the sinks. There was a broken piece of one of the toilet tissue dispensers near the recorder on the vanity. What you will hear is quite clearly an object in the room being manipulated just after David snaps the photo. That experience is caught on this clip.


Please click the > Button below to hear this EVP.



        Our second EVP clip was also caught by the recorder in the ladies room. No one was investigating in the room at the time. What we hear is the broken piece of the toilet tissue dispenser being moved like something was inspecting it then after a short pause moves it back. We confirmed that no one was in the room by reviewing video footage from 2 different cameras. There is also no echo of any movement which was evident in all other recordings where investigators came near or entered the room.



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       Our third EVP was caught by David, Brian and the owner who were walking in the back of the main room. This is where the owner claims to hear thumps late at night. They were conducting an EVP session.  There is a thump right at the beginning of the clip then several more during the clip, and the owner eventually reacts to it, then as the back and forth talk happens you can hear more thumps occurring for a total of around 11 of them in all. It can be heard in this clip. These were loud enough to be caught on audio for Cam 1 as well as Audio for Cam 2 & 3 which is closer and Cam 4 on the stage where this clip is from, therefore its louder and clearer.


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 Photographic Evidence



       One area where activity was reported was the bar area where the owners reported seeing bright energy balls, or Orbs, following people around, stopping when they did, and backing up or turning around to follow them. While investigators David and Brian were doing a session, they snapped the photo below clearly showing a white energy ball Orb in the area of the main bar where the owner reported seeing the Orbs they reported and showed  to us. Due to the owners experiences at this spot, we believe that this is a legitimate paranormal phenomena.





         So a comparison can be made, below is a scan of the screen shot made by the owner from their security camera footage dated May of 2012. Notice the brightness and perfect round shape of the Orb and compare it to the one caught by Dave and Brian in the previous photo. They are very similar.




      This Photo was also caught while Brian and Dave were conducting a session later in the investigation. They had just left the back area and passed through the old kitchen and went up into the attic. The photo before was of the stage area, the photo after was of the attic. It is unclear exactly where this photo was caught, but we are thinking the old kitchen area as that is where the apparition of a man was reported being seen several times. The photo shows a mass of plasma like energy. If you look closely at the lower right portion of the photo, it appears that there is a hand reaching  into the shot.




 Video Evidence



          Besides the four IR cameras, DAPS Digital Camera is capable of taking video clips as well with one of their digital cameras. Kris and David were up near the bar at the front where the Orb activity was reported by the owner and employees. They noticed a huge temperature drop at the end of the bar area near the hall leading to the ladies room. They conducted a short K2 session and the initial sweep came up with just the base light. As the worked their way around the area they eventually got two lights, then three. Three lights on the K2 is pretty significant. In the preliminary sweep of the building, Kim found only one small spot in the corner near the door to the smoking area that housed the incoming electrical equipment, and a 4 light hit if you pressed the meter up against the kick panel of the bar. No other readings were found in this area. Finding possible K2 activity earlier, Kris and Dave grabbed the Digital Camera and set it to video and conducted another K2 session trying to make contact.


       During this session they stayed approximately 2 feet away from the bar at all times and never went near the electrical closet. At first they had only one light. They moved about the area calling out where they were pointing the device as it was dark. They asked for anyone to come closer. They went down the hall to the ladies room and back and had one light. Suddenly they started to get two lights, and they became steady. They asked it to come closer and interact with them, and then they got three lights where they had previously had only one light. The session went on for several minutes and eventually the lights went to two and then to one. All of this occurred in the same spot about 2 feet from end of the bar at the hall leading to the ladies room. This was the location where the owner and employees reported the energy ball or Orb following people. During the session Dave and Kris noted multiple times how frigid cold it got there. There was no source for air that cold to enter the area. No vents were above, and only a very minor draft came from a storage room nearby. After the readings returned to one light the temperature returned to normal. This session can be seen and heard in these two  clips that were recorded live as it happened. As a note, the activity drained the cameras fresh batteries.


 Part 1



Part 2




      During this investigation we recorded over 30 hours of video footage in hopes of capturing evidence. One of the reports was of an apparition appearing back near the old kitchen door that would watch the dancers on the stage. We had an IR camera set up on the one end of the stage shooting across at the old kitchen door. Shortly before 1AM we caught our most stunning piece of evidence to date, we caught what we believe is an apparition. It appears and moves off to the right then comes in front of the stage towards the camera very very quickly. As you view the video keep an eye to the black space to the left of the door. You’ll see a dust particle zoom past then a few seconds later the apparition appears to the left of the door and moves quickly to the right then forward. Its best seen if you stare at the floor just at the bottom of the dark wall area. If you cannot see the apparition in the smaller mode, click the little square on the bottom right corner to zoom the viewer.





Personal Experiences



        DAPS team members had a few personal experiences during the investigation. Personal experiences are paranormal events that take place that affected the investigators during their investigation, but were not captured by the equipment. We will list them here as they belong with the evidence we did capture.

        One personal experience was with David while doing a digital camera photo session early in the investigation.  David poked his head into the ladies room and took a quick photo, and as he withdrew the sink came on.

        This is significant as the owner reported issues with the sinks turning on for no reason. They are sensor controlled. Team members tried multiple times on different occasions to attempt to get the sinks to turn on by moving things near by and snapping photos directly and indirectly at or near the sensors and they were unsuccessful in getting a false sink turn on.            

       Another personal experience was with Kris and Chris on one occasion, and Brian and a guest at another time where they experienced a phantom smell like flowers. These were experienced in the middle of the room and back by the stage area.


  Evidence Not Found


          DAPS had over 22 hours of Video footage that was set to record in the front bar area, middle bar/lounge section, stage, and entertainment areas in an attempt to capture any object movement, shadow people, or apparitions. On review of the footage, no object movement, was detected, and we captured no incidents of a shadow person.

          DAPS also had 32 hours of audio that was recorded in the above locations as well as a recorder carried by the investigating team, and one placed in the attic and one in the women’s bathroom. We did not capture any voices on any of the recorders.

          The lack of additional evidence beyond what was presented above does not imply that some of the experiences explained to us are not valid. It simply means that the spirits, if present, did not choose to interact with us and our equipment in the same way during the investigation.




      In conclusion, after reviewing all of the evidence captured, and in consideration of the amount of paranormal evidence that was found at the location, DAPS believes that there is likely paranormal activity happening at the location, and the results are conclusive. The spirits in this location are not of an evil or demonic nature, we found no evidence or indications of that. The absence of any voices on any of the EVP’s, and the lack of repetitive incidents indicates to us that the haunting is likely not residual in nature, but is more likely to be an intelligent haunting where spirits choose when and how they will interact with the living. The evidence clearly supports that conclusion.


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