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The D.A.P.S. Investigative Team Members
**Team Members Info**
Information on the Founders, Kim and David, can be found on the Home Page. Here is the rest of the Investigative Team.

Jennifer: Jennifer is one of our full time investigators. Jennifer is very enthusiastic about Ghost Hunting, and is always eager to go out on assignments. Jennifer has a knack for cutting through the bull, and can easily expose fakery. Jennifer is a licensed and credentialed day care worker, and has a son Joshuah. She is an asset to the team, and excels in EVP work.



Brian: Brian is also a full time investigator, and was a bit of a skeptic, and still is actually. Brian brings good balance to the team. Its always good to have someone who will question a lot of things instead of taking them as something paranormal.  Brain recently worked for the Norfolk and Southern Railway and is out on injury leave. 
Valerie: Valerie is our newest full time Investigator. Valerie recently filled a spot that was formerly going to go to another interested person, and asked to be a part of the D.A.P.S. team. Valerie is very enthusiastic, and did very well on her first assignments particularly with EVP work. Valerie works for the EPA out of Philadelphia.
Chris: Chris is our newest investigator in training.  Chis is very enthusiastic, and is very handy with all of the tech equipment. Chris has had an interest in the paranormal for several years and is very excited to be on the team. Chris is a department manager at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Kris: Kris is another new investigator in training. Kris is very professional and likes to debunk things, and provoke spirits when things are slow in responding to our questions.  Kris has had an interest in the paranormal since he was very young. Kris works for the court system in Montgomery County PA.

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