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We get a LOT of emails regarding two subjects, how to become an investigator, and what can I do to get rid of spirits in my location.

This page will hopefully help give you the answers to those questions.
How Do I Become A Paranormal Investigator?

Becoming a real paranormal investigator is not as easy as it looks on TV. It takes a lot of research, time, and money. The founders of DAPS were once novices too just like any other seasoned investigator. We could not find a well established group in our area, so we started our own. All groups have to start somewhere. It is a slow process. You will first need to do a lot of research. Go to web pages of reputable groups and professionals and read. Research all you can about the different areas of paranormal activity. Look up apparitions, look up residual energy, look up shadow people, look up poltergeist. Read all you can about these things, look at all of the different opinions and theories on each so you are familiar with all of them. As you begin to investigate, you will see which of those theories and opinions hold water and which were plain wrong. Paranormal investigating is a constant learning experience.

Practice. Practice. Practice! You may feel silly at first, but you'll never learn until you try. You will make mistakes like not waiting enough time for an answer to your question during an EVP session, or talking during the investigation, or forgetting to Tag your EVP. Take your equipment and go out and investigate a friends house or relatives house. With permission, do a little investigating in a cemetery, or old abandoned building. Always get permission before going on someone else's property and be sure to act professionally and do not take anything or disturb anything. Build a good reputation. Just like all of the established groups, start small and grow slowly. Start with EVP sessions using a good quality recorder, take digital photos with a good quality camera. As you grow in experience, obtain more equipment such as a mini-cam, and DVR system. Learn how to use that equipment properly. Know how to set it up, know how to fix issues in the dark. Then review your recordings and images. Learn to know what to listen for and what to look for. Digital images are always misinterpreted and dust and insects are commonly presented as Orbs. Know what a legitimate Orb looks like so you can debunk the dust and insects.

Once you have done your homework, then you can start looking for a group that is accepting applicants for Investigators. If that fails, consider starting your own group. That is harder than it seems. You'll need to have a web presence, you'll need to advertise, you'll need to search for cases. They will come with time. DAPS based our methods on TAPS of Ghost Hunters fame. We liked how they did their work. We liked what equipment they had, how they stored it, how they set it up for an investigation. We liked how they sent two people in as a team to investigate. We liked what equipment they bought and used. With the TV antics aside, we liked how they performed their investigations. We also liked their review process, although we have one person do all of our reviewing instead of two or three, then he gets a second opinion on found evidence. We like the way they made a presentation for the client and went back and sat with them and showed them what they got and what they thought about any evidence we captured. There are a lot of TV shows out there, many are corny and some are outright insulting. We chose not to take anything from them. So far we have been very successful. Mould your team and its methods the way it best fits you and your investigative style.

How Do I Get Rid Of Spirits, Something Is In My House What DO I Do

We get a lot of emails telling us that something is in my sons room what do I do, or I think my house is haunted how do I get rid of these spirits. In all honesty, a ghost hunting or paranormal group is not the right place to ask those questions. Generally, that is not what groups like ours do. Our job is to investigate a home or other location, and confirm that paranormal activity is taking place, or provide a logical explanation for what is happening. 

If you follow paranormal investigators on TV, or follow different groups on the web, many of them offer no  help in ridding a location of spirit activity. All they do is confirm the existence of paranormal activity. Some better than others! That is what DAPS does. We investigate locations to determine, using scientific methods and equipment, if legitimate paranormal activity is taking place and capture evidence to prove its existence. At the end of an investigation if evidence was found, and the client asks what they can do, we will advise them to do a cleansing first, and if unsuccessful, to contact a Medium or other spiritual professional. These people typically cost money so we do not recommend any specific one, and leave the client to search out the best one on their own. If you believe in God, we will also recommend they contact their church and have the clergy come out and bless the house. To date, we have not ever investigated a location where we suspected or confirmed evil or demonic activity. Those are special cases and would require the help of a professional Demonologist. Yes, there are some groups that have Mediums and other specialists on staff, and they will attempt to clear a location that has proven to be haunted. These groups are in the minority from what we have seen.

So, if you think your location is experiencing paranormal activity, your first step would be to attempt to get proof of such activity. You can attempt to do this on your own, but it is in your best interest to call in a professional paranormal investigator group. Good groups will never charge you for the service, know what they are doing, have the equipment to do the job, and all you are out is an evening of your time. Once you have confirmed that paranormal activity is actually taking place, then you can move on to the next step of doing something about it. For that you will need to start with the cleansing, then if that or a blessing is unsuccessful, move on to a Medium or other spiritual professional.

Hopefully these two subject blogs have answered all of your questions and enabled you to move on to the next steps in either becoming a paranormal investigator, or sorting out what may be happening at your location. You can always drop us a note if you have a specific question, we'll be glad to help out.

Happy Hunting!!
The DAPS Team

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