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Odessa National House


      D.A.P.S. was asked to investigate a personal residence in Townsend, Delaware that was built in 2007. This house is your typical 3 story townhouse with about 2700 square feet of living space. It is owned by the original owner who purchased it in 2007, but uses it as a rental property.

      The current tenant asked us to investigate strange noises and activity they have experienced. We were given a tour of the home, and told about the activity they have experienced there. The tenant and family members claimed experiencing TV’s being manipulated, and unseen entities moving about, as well as hearing footsteps and other noises.

     The tenant’s reported that they think a woman may have passed away in the home. With that, they were thinking that maybe she was still there for some reason. (This has since been debunked as untrue by the actual home owner.)

      With this information, the DAPS team set up our equipment and paired off into teams of two. DAPS investigated the home for several hours using all available equipment and techniques.

      One of the most important things for a paranormal group is to capture solid evidence of paranormal activity. Further, its more important to capture evidence that backs up what the tenant claims is happening at the location. It's also important to capture data that will back up experiences had by the paranormal investigators during their investigation. Lastly, its also important to explain rational explanations for those events that are found to not be paranormal.

      We will cover Photo evidence first, followed by EVP and Video clips if any of the above are found. One note regarding Orbs. Many paranormal professionals dismiss Orbs outright. Far too many groups try to present paranormal Orb "evidence" that allegedly show Orbs when in fact they are bugs or more likely dust. DAPS does not completely dismiss Orbs as a legitimate paranormal event, however, DAPS is very cautious about presenting what we believe may be legitimate Orbs unless there is compelling evidence as to the Orb being a legitimate paranormal event.


     Our findings are as follows.

Photographic Evidence

      During the investigation, the DAPS team took nearly 150 digital photographs trying to capture signs of paranormal activity. After carefully reviewing them, we found the photo shown below. There was a lot of dust and lint in the air that was evident in a lot of the photos and video footage. This photo shows what we believe may be a legitimate energy ORB. It is very bright and up away from direct flash or IR illumination. You can compare it to a bit of dust just to the left over the stairs. This was also near where the tenant reported seeing shadows on the staircase.


 EVP Evidence


        Besides any video and digital photo evidence captured, the DAPS teams were able to perform a lot of EVP sessions trying to make contact. On review of the evidence, we found an interesting and unexplainable EVP.

      Note: For the best listening experience, use headphones and raise the volume on your PC.
       Only one paranormal EVP was captured during the investigation with the digital recorder that was carried by the investigators in the lower level Den. This is a clear class A EVP recording. What you will hear is quite clearly the investigators getting ready to leave the room, and they ask if any entities that may be there to come with them upstairs and even tell them its name. As they pick up the recorder and start to go, they get a name SUSAN. That experience is caught on this clip.

      The tenant’s reported many footsteps and other noises occurring. DAPS captured many noises on the audio recorders. Many of them are normal house creaks and settlement. We found that the floor underlayment was not “glued and screwed” to the joists, thus allowing the boards to creak, bang, thump, and squeak at the slightest movement. Below are two recordings of such noises. The first recording is from the recorder in the girls bedroom while investigators were standing and quietly moving in the boys room next door. The second recording is a loud settlement pop that occurred more than once. In the first recording the noise is so prominent that is sounds almost like someone is dismantling a wall. These are not paranormal events.


My Recording
My Recording

      There were a few sounds we captured that we were not able to explain. These occurred in the den and front bedroom on the second floor. One sound is like someone using an old oil can. This occurred at least 5 times through the night, sometimes fast, sometimes slower, and seemed to come from the bathroom. The second sound was of some unexplained thumps heard in that bedroom. The third is of a distinct click on the TV next to the recorder in the den. This one may be some settlement as the TV cooled, but it sounds more like something hitting the TV. We do not believe that the “Oil Can” sound is paranormal as it too mechanical sounding and has a set repeated pattern that occurred multiple times, but the thumps and noise at the TV are possible evidence of paranormal activity.

My Recording
My Recording
My Recording

 Video Evidence

    True paranormal activity on video is extremely difficult to capture, and is considered one of the top phenomena looked for by investigators. DAPS had 4 IR cameras set up throughout the home. Cam 1 was located in the Den facing the fireplace where a figure was seen, Cam 2 was also located in the Den facing the TV which was reported to go on and off and change channels on its own. Cam 3 was located on the second floor looking down the hall into the two back bedrooms and down the middle section of the staircase. Cam 4 was located at the top of the stairs on the third floor where the tenant’s reported seeing shadows. DAPS also uses a handheld digital camera with Video capabilities to do short sessions. Cam 1 revealed no evidence. Cam 3 captured what we believe may be the shadow that is seen on the stairs. If you look at the lower landing you can see the image darken slightly then dissipate as if something moved onto the lower landing.  



      The next clip was captured in the Den. This is where the tenant reported the TV going on and off on its own and channels changing by themselves. We had an EMF meter there for most of the investigation but it never indicated an increase of EMF there. The Cable box however emitted huge amounts of EMF, so it most likely acts as a power source for entities near that area. In this clip we believe we see an entity attempt to manifest itself then dissipate just as its starts to form into a full body apparition. This occurs just in front of the left side of the large TV.



      Team members also tried to conduct K-2 sessions where they asked specific questions and were looking for a response via the K-2 meter in the form of EMF spikes. A hand held recorder is used to try to capture the responses.


      Kim and Val tried several times to make contact using the K-2 meter as a communication device. They conducted sessions in the second floor front bedroom, the den, and the front living room. They asked a series of specific questions in an attempt to narrow down who or what may be there. K-2 responses were sporadic and some were not picked up by the camera at the time. They were able to confirm that the spirit was that of a woman. They were also able to confirm that the spirit means no harm to the occupants, and that she may know one of the female occupants. These clips are shown in the next frames.

Personal Experiences


          DAPS teams usually have some personal experiences during an investigation. Personal experiences are paranormal events that take place that affected the investigators during their investigation, but were not captured by the equipment. We will list them here as they belong with the evidence we did capture.

          No undocumented personal experiences occurred during this investigation.


Explanation of Events

     The tenant’s were concerned about noises they hear during the night such as foot steps, creaking, thumps and the sound of sticks being tapped together. We found that construction of the home was not done to ensure that the floors did not creak and move when walked on as evident in the EVP recording earlier. We experienced a lot of noise from standing and walking on the upper floors. Long after investigators left a room the floors would pop and creak sounding a lot like movement. Heat vents would also thump and make noise. The floor joists are braced with metal straps. When sub contractors such as plumbers and HVAC installed their rough in, they simply bent these out of the way as they could not be removed like wooden ones can. These are now rubbing on joists and vents making odd noises. The house also is still experiencing settlement pops and cracks.


       During the investigation we were also aware that although the home was pretty well insulated the windows were not sound proof. The home is located very close to other units and two roads, one with fairly consistent traffic. Each time a vehicle drove by we clearly heard road noise, radios, exhaust and other noises. Neighbors parking was clearly heard when they closed their doors and set their alarms. People outside could be heard talking. All of these noises are magnified at night time. We also heard what sounded like tapping in the boys back bedroom. This was debunked as being rain dripping down the long downspout at that back corner and hitting the bottom of the downspout.



Evidence Not Found

       Most activity that was reported was captured and either explained or presented here. The sticks noise may be the “Oil Can” noise we captured in the second floor front bedroom. It is not paranormal as it is consistent with a pattern that repeats often, and sounds mechanical in nature.



      In conclusion, after reviewing all of the photos, video, and audio captured, and in consideration of the paranormal evidence that was found at the location, DAPS believes that there is paranormal activity happening at the residence. The voice on the EVP, and video of shadows indicates to us that the haunting events reported are not residual but most likely intelligent in nature. The absence of any high level physical interactions indicates to us that the haunting events reported are not demonic or evil in nature. Nothing in the evidence supports that, or any of the commonly accepted scenarios. The tenant’s have nothing to fear as the entity we believe is there is not harming anyone. We suggest that the tenant get together with family, sit in the den, and tell whom ever is there, possibly a Susan, that they are not able to stay there and must cross over, or leave, that they are not welcome there. They might also want to perform a cleansing with Sage to remove any negative energy.

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