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Marcus Road House

      D.A.P.S. was asked to investigate a personal residence in lower New Castle County, Delaware that was built in 1983. This house is rather new, but the land on which it was built is steep with history. Built on the site of an old farm established in the late 1800's its a place where old meets new. A place where the new home sits on old farmland with the original barn and farmhouse nearby where many generations were born and died.

     D.A.P.S. was called in by the current owners, who have been in the house for over 20 years, to investigate strange noises and activity they have experienced. We were given a tour of the home, and told about the activity they have experienced there. The owner claimed experiencing pictures coming off walls, and holiday ornaments being removed from the tree and tossed onto the floor. D.A.P.S. was told of bangs and objects being manipulated in the dining room, den, and bedrooms. The owners reported their cats watching an unseen entity move across the room as they sat in the living room. D.A.P.S. was also told of hearing walking, shuffling and movement of objects in the bedroom. D.A.P.S. was told about a visit by a psychic who has reportedly seen spirits moving about the yard, and in the bedroom, den, and dining room of the home. Several names were given at the time, Dorothy, who does not like males is said to lurk in the bedroom, Charlie who is said to lurk in or around the dining room, and Eddie who is an unhappy spirit who hides out near the garden shed. 

     With this information, the D.A.P.S. team set up our equipment and paired off into teams of two. D.A.P.S. investigated the home for several hours using all available equipment and techniques. One of the important things for a paranormal group is to capture solid evidence of paranormal activity. Further, its more important to capture evidence that does not fit in with the surroundings making it stand out more as being paranormal, and to capture evidence that backs up what the owner claims is happening at the location. It's also important to capture data that will back up experiences had by the paranormal investigators during their investigation. This investigation was somewhat fruitful in that type of evidence. Upon review of the evidence, we did find what we think is possible proof that something out of the ordinary may be happening at the residence.

     We will cover photo evidence first, followed by EVP Clips. One note regarding Orbs. Many paranormal professionals dismiss Orbs outright. Far too many groups try to present paranormal Orb "evidence" that allegedly shows Orbs when in fact they are bugs or more likely dust. D.A.P.S. does not completely dismiss Orbs as a legitimate paranormal event, however, D.A.P.S. is very cautious about presenting what we believe may be legitimate Orbs or Spirit Energy unless there is compelling evidence as to the Orb being a legitimate paranormal event. In the following photos, D.A.P.S. has captured what we believe are legitimate Orbs or Spirit Energy. Our reason for believing so is the fact that D.A.P.S. captured no other Orb's in any of its photos of other locations in or outside the home, and they only caught them in a location where the homeowner was told of lurking spirits.


     Our findings are as follows.


Photographic Evidence


      One of the claims by the homeowner was that there are Spirits lurking about the yard near the shed. They also claimed to know the name of at least one spirit, Eddie. In these first photos, the D.A.P.S. team caught what we believe is a paranormal Spirit Energy in the side yard approaching the shed as shown in the photos below. In the first photo, note that Kris is shown, and there are no small branches in that area near the investigator taking the photos. The next photo shows the Spirit Energy appearing from the left. Note the extreme brightness of the Energy. That along with the fact that it is not directly in line with the camera flash, and that the home owner experienced activity in this area leads us to believe that this is a legitimate paranormal Orb or Spirit Energy.



 Note no branches or other objects to the left where Kris is standing.


Spirit Energy captured moments after Kris moves from his previous position.


      Another photo, and one of the most compelling of the entire investigation, was the one shown below. Brian and Kris were investigating in the yard near the shed. They had taken a photo of the back side of the shed, and turned around near a split tree to take another after Brian thought he saw a shadow figure, and snapped the photo below clearly showing a huge Orb filled Spirit Energy mass that takes up almost all of the entire shot. Again,  due to the homeowners experiences at this spot, we believe that this is a legitimate paranormal Spirit Energy Orb.


 Large Spirit Energy mass captured near the shed.


      Again, during the investigation by Brian and Kris out near the shed, they captured the photos below. The first shows the area near where a pond insert is being stored visible on the ground with a paver on top. Note the absence of any hanging branches or other objects. The second photo shows an Orb or Spirit Energy like mass directly in front of and up from where Brian and Kris were standing. One important paranormal event then occurred. After this last photo was taken by Brian and Kris, the camera's batteries were completely drained. All new batteries were installed in all equipment before the team left home for this investigation, and only about 7 photos were taken before the batteries were fully drained to the point that the date/time memory was wiped out in the camera. Again, note the the brightness and perfect round shape of the Orbs within the Spirit Energy, and the fact that the homeowner informed us of activity at the same location near the shed. With that overwhelming evidence, we feel that this is again a legitimate paranormal Orb.

 Note the absence of any hanging branches or debris.


 Spirit Energy Orb appears at the upper left of the shot.


EVP Evidence


       Besides the digital photo and K-2 evidence, the D.A.P.S. teams were able to perform a lot of EVP sessions trying to make contact. D.A.P.S. also uses digital recorders at each DVR camera location. On review of the evidence, we found several interesting EVP's.


         Note: For the best listening experience, use headphones and raise the WAV volume on your PC

                  as far as possible as some of the EVP's are faint. 


     One of the first EVP's to be captured was with David and Chris who decided to investigate the bedroom. David started asking questions of Dorothy who’s spirit was supposed to be there, and who did not like males. David had asked if she was beaten by a man, and got no audible response. David then asks if she was slighted by a man. If you listen closely, you can hear a female voice say ‘No’. That experience is caught on this clip.
      Our second EVP clip was also caught by David and Chris. They were investigating in the Living Room. David asks if they were attached to the land, and gets a response, from a male. It happens a few seconds after he asks the question. It sounds like "Yup" and can be heard in this clip. Note: The clients aquarium in another room is heard in the background.
     Our third EVP was also caught by David and Chris. They were conducting an EVP session in the Dining Room. David asks if the entity used to work on the farm. After a few seconds he gets his answer. "Oh Yeah". Its a little faint, but with the volume up you can hear a breathy "Oh Yeah". It can be heard in this clip.
     Our fourth EVP is one of the more interesting ones from this investigation. It was also captured by David and Chris. They had re-entered the bedroom and started another EVP session. Between questions, David states that he heard a thumping on the floor and asks Chris if he heard that or was moving his toes. The thumping can be heard in the clip. Note: The thumping starts right at the beginning of the clip.
     Our fifth EVP was caught by Kim and Jenn who were investigating in the front bedroom. Kim asks for any spirits to come near the green light on the K2 so they can get a sign that they were there. A few seconds later there is a very faint "Why're you here?".  That can be heard in this clip.
     Our sixth EVP is the most chilling of them all. Kris and Brian were investigating in the Den. Although the aquarium running in the room made it difficult to pick out responses, this time was an exception. D.A.P.S. picked up a full class A EVP in this clip. Kris was asking a series of questions. Kris asked what did you do for a living. He got a clear and direct response a few seconds later. The spirit entity said "Get him.... get out." That can clearly be heard in this clip.
     There were many other sounds that were captured during the investigation. Clicks, thumps, movement, and bangs. Most of these were captured in the bedroom, and the dining room. One other EVP of a possible voice answer to an investigators question was captured in the den. Kim had asked the question  if the spirit liked the home owner, and one can barely make out a "Yes" over the sounds of the aquarium. Many of the other sounds cannot be proven or dis-proven as paranormal seeing that the home owners pets were in the house at the time and D.A.P.S. cannot definitively eliminate the pets as the source of the sound(s). Others were most likely of mechanical devices starting up as the same sounds repeated in intervals. All of these extra files were given to the client to use as they wish.

Personal Experiences


       D.A.P.S. teams had several personal experiences. Personal experiences are paranormal events that take place that affected the investigators during their investigation, but were not captured by the equipment.  We will list them here as they belong with the evidence we did capture.

      One personal experience was with David and Chris while doing an EVP session in the yard outside. While recording, they were using the K2 meter which picks up electro-magnetic fields. As they came around the north side of the house asking questions, they started to get hits with the K-2. David instructed the spirits to come close to light the lights for a yes answer, and stay away to keep them dark for a no answer. For a short period of time a brief question and answer session took place. David and Chris were able to ascertain that the spirit that was interacting with them was attached to the mother, and that it was concerned for the mother. It was not the deceased husband of the mother, and the only child of the mother is still living so that eliminates a deceased child. After talking with the client, D.A.P.S. investigators found out about an uncle that they believed had followed them to the home. This bit of information made the K-2 answers make sense

     David and Chris also got a K-2 hit back near the shed on the side yard. After several prompts directed at Eddie to light up the lights by coming near the device if he was angry,  they did light up one time.

      Another personal experience was with Jenn and Kim, where they experienced a series of high K-2 spikes in the den while they were investigating. Kim was asking questions when the K-2 started registering hits. They asked the spirit to come closer to light up more lights. The spirit responded by doing so several times after being asked, multiple times, before the activity stopped. 


 Evidence Not Found


      D.A.P.S. had several hours of DVR footage from the 3 cameras they set up that were set to record in the Bedroom, Den, and Dining Room, the three reportedly most active rooms in the house, in an attempt to capture any shadow people or apparitions. On review of the footage, none were detected, and during the night no other evidence of spirit activity was found. D.A.P.S. also did not note any phantom smells, or detect any cold spots within the house during the investigation. 

Alternative Explanations


     Another important job of any paranormal investigative team is to try to find a normal explanation for some of the experiences at the location.


     There are a few reported incidents at this location that D.A.P.S. believes may have an alternate explanation, and would like to suggest the following for consideration. 


     One of those was the report of holiday ornaments being removed from a small Christmas tree placed in the bedroom on the dresser, and being tossed onto the floor. The home owners keep cats. Cats are very curious creatures, and will go to great lengths to investigate new and strange things brought  into the home. During our investigations, we experienced a cat getting up onto furniture and climbing on several occasions. Its reasonable to conclude that its possible that the falling ornament was the result of a curious cat climbing up onto the dresser and attempting to play with it and having it be knocked to the floor. 


     Another report was of a cat sitting in the home and suddenly seeming to watch an unseen entity move across the room. Although the home was very clean, during our review of the DVR footage, we would occasionally detect rather large bits of dust or lint that would be blown around and across the room from the heating/ventilation system. Cats are not only curious, but they have very keen eyesight. Its reasonable to conclude that its possible that during these incidents that the cat has detected a large bit of dust or lint, and is following it across the room as the heating/ventilation system blows it around and across the room.




       In conclusion, after reviewing all of the evidence captured, and in consideration of the amount of  evidence that was found at the location, D.A.P.S. believes that there is some sort of paranormal activity happening at the residence, particularly in the yard surrounding the home, and in the den. 



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