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Langollen House


      D.A.P.S. was asked to investigate a personal residence in New Castle, Delaware that was built in 1960. This house is your typical ranch style with about 1750 square feet of living space. It is owned by the second owner who purchased it in 2005.

      The current owners asked us to investigate strange noises and activity they have experienced. We were given a tour of the home, and told about the activity they have experienced there. The owner and family members claimed experiencing objects being moved, and apparitions moving about, as well as hearing footsteps and on rare occasions a voice.

     The homeowners reported that the father of the family member who called DAPS had recently passed away in the home. With that, they were thinking that maybe he was still there checking on the mother, or possibly the deceased wife of the husband of the daughter who lives in the home could also be there for some reason.

        With this information, the DAPS team set up our equipment and paired off into teams of two. DAPS investigated the home for several hours using all available equipment and techniques. At some points during the investigation, family members who were the victims of spirit activity were welcomed to join the team as they investigated. This is commonly known as presenting a trigger object. This would be a person or thing which seems to attract paranormal activity. 

      One of the important things for a paranormal group is to capture solid evidence of paranormal activity. Further, its more important to capture evidence that does not fit in with the surroundings making it stand out more as being paranormal, and to capture evidence that backs up what the owner claims is happening at the location. It's also important to capture data that will back up experiences had by the paranormal investigators during their investigation. Its also just as important to find normal explanations for events experienced that are other than paranormal. Although DAPS did not find an overwhelming amount of paranormal evidence, we did find something.

      We will cover EVP evidence first, followed by Photo and EVP clips if any of the above are found. One note regarding Orbs. Many paranormal professionals dismiss Orbs outright. Far too many groups try to present paranormal Orb "evidence" that allegedly show Orbs when in fact they are bugs or more likely dust. DAPS does not completely dismiss Orbs as a legitimate paranormal event, however, DAPS is very cautious about presenting what we believe may be legitimate Orbs unless there is compelling evidence as to the Orb being a legitimate paranormal event.


 Our findings are as follows.


EVP Evidence



           Only one EVP was captured by the teams during the investigation with the digital recorder that was placed with CAM 1 in the back bedroom. These recorders are started when the cameras are placed and left on during the entire investigation.  At the time this evidence was captured, we confirmed by reviewing video that no one was in the bedroom or bathroom of the house. It was emanating from somewhere in this bedroom or possibly the next bedroom which you can see into from this back bedroom directly. It was not picked up by the recorder in the living room just outside the bedroom indicating that the sounds did not generate from that location or the bathroom.  What you will hear is quite clearly the sound of water being poured or drained, or possibly a man urinating. This happens for about 15 seconds in time. Nothing was captured on video and the homeowners confirmed that no devices were in that room that used water and the deceased father did not use a bed pan in his final days. However, we did confirm with the client that the deceased father did use a portable potty just before his death. With that, we believe that this may be the residual sound of him urinating. That experience is caught on this clip.


Please click the Bar below to hear this EVP.

        After the DAPS investigation that evening, the homeowner set up a digital recorder in the back bedroom to see if they could catch any of the activity the had previously experienced. Immediately after placing the recorder they went to bed, thus no TV was running, no movement was taking place etc. About 23 minutes into the recording the sound of a drawer opening, and other movement similar to someone looking through the drawer then closing it is recorded. The sounds of drawers opening was one of the events DAPS was told about during our walk thought but was not able to capture. That evidence can now be heard on this clip.

Please click the Bar below to hear this EVP.


Explanation of Events

     The homeowners were quite excited about what they felt was Orb activity. We found that in reality, as with most inhabited structures, there is always a lot of dust in the air. Some of these on rare occasion were a bit bright, but did not exhibit the characteristics of legitimate Orbs. DAPS was also shown a security video file of strange activity in the rear yard that showed what appeared to be a floating object. DAPS was unable, the same as the homeowners, to come up with an explanation for this phenomena. However, typically with spirit activity these events are more often fleeting and short in duration. This event lasted more than several minutes leading us to believe that it was not paranormal in nature.
     The homeowners also reported that the elderly occupant was seeing apparitions in her room, and we were told that they were beckoning to her to come with them. Ironically this family member became very ill just before the investigation and had to be taken to the hospital. This leads us to believe that a very common event was occurring called a Parting Vision or Deathbed Vision. This is a phenomena that occurs shortly before a death occurs or may occur. These are quite common, and even DAPS founder Kim had her grandmother sit up in her hospital bed and say that an uncle had come to take her and show her the way. She promptly laid back down and passed away. Death does not always have to occur if these visions are seen if some other event interferes with the death process.
Personal Experiences

         DAPS teams had no personal experiences. Personal experiences are paranormal events that take place that affected the investigators during their investigation, but were not captured by the equipment. We will list them here as they belong with the evidence we did capture.

         Not a personal experience but of note was a very uneasy feeling by DAPS member David in the unfinished part of the basement. He tried multiple times to capture something on EVP and Digital Photo, but was unsuccessful.

Evidence Not Found

          DAPS had 16 hours of Video footage that was set to record in the back bedroom (2 angles), living room, and basement in an attempt to capture any object movement, shadow people, or apparitions. On review of the footage, none were detected, and during the night no evidence of the apparition or a shadow person was found. We also did not capture any objects moving.

          DAPS also had 20 hours of audio that was recorded in the above locations as well as a recorder carried by the investigating team. We heard a lot of ticks and thumps or other such noises that were caused by normal house settlement such as a floor creaking after people had been walking on it, or people moving about on other floors. Nothing that was paranormal or out of the ordinary.

          DAPS also reviewed approximately 55 digital photos for this investigation, finding none showing possible activity.

          The lack of captured evidence however does not imply that the experiences explained to us are not valid. It simply means that the spirits, if present, did not choose to interact with us and our equipment during the investigation, or that the experiences were being misinterpreted.




        In conclusion, after reviewing all of the video and audio captured, and in consideration of the small amount of paranormal evidence that was found at the location, DAPS believes that there is a possibility of residual paranormal activity happening at the residence. The absence of any voices on any of the EVP’s or repetitive sounds or movement indicates to us that the haunting events reported are most likely residual but not intelligent in nature. The absence of any high level physical interactions indicates to us that the haunting events reported are not demonic or evil in nature. Nothing in the evidence supports that, or any of the commonly accepted scenarios.




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