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How To Get Your Location Investigated By Delaware Area Paranormal Society.



     Just about everyone knows of a haunted location. It may be a graveyard, an abandoned factory, an abandoned hospital or asylum, or it may be someones home. So how do we know for sure its haunted? In today's world of high tech equipment, you would invite a trusted paranormal research group to investigate the location. Reputable groups will be honest, and the investigation will be done for FREE. All D.A.P.S. investigations are FREE.


   You may be asking, what is involved, what happens during an investigation. Both are very legitimate questions.


   For your part, all that is needed is a simple message to D.A.P.S.. You can contact us by using the Contact US link on our menu bar at the top of each page. Simply tell us where the haunted locations is located, what is your relationship with that location, and if you have legal permission to allow D.A.P.S. investigators on the property, and a brief outline of what has been experienced at that location. Your information will be reviewed by our case manager, and if your location passes our eligibility test, we'll get in contact with you to set up a time for our team to visit the location. Of course we will need to be there after dark. Most of our investigations will be on Friday or Saturday evenings as all D.A.P.S. members have regular full time jobs. D.A.P.S. handles investigations in the Delaware area, which would include South Eastern PA, Elkton, MD area, and most of Delaware. Locations outside of those demographics have groups that do investigations in those areas. Please see our LINKS page for info on those groups.


   Once a location has been selected, D.A.P.S. will assemble their team which will consist of a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 7 people which would involve all current team members. We will arrive at the location at the agreed upon date and time. At that time we will meet with the contact or their legal representative, and we will have them give us a tour explaining in which areas people have experienced activity, and what that activity was. Once this information gathering session is completed D.A.P.S. can begin their work. 


   At this time D.A.P.S. has over $5000 worth of high tech equipment capable of recording possible spirit activity. Our current equipment roster consists of the following:


4 Night Vision DVR Cameras With Tripods

Digital DVR With Built In Monitor

340 Feet of DVR IR Camera Cables

3 High End Digital Cameras

A mini-DVD Recorder (IR Capable)

6 Digital EVP Voice Recorders

An EMF Detector

A K-2 EMF Detector

A Digital Thermometer

An IR Light Assembly

Honda EU2000iA Generator

Extension Cords, Power Strips, Adapters, and Gaffers Tape

      The location will need to be empty during the investigations if possible so as to avoid contaminating any evidence. Homeowners can stay at command central outside the home during the investigation to keep an eye on things if they wish. Every effort will be taken by the D.A.P.S. investigators to not disturb or harm any of the contents in the home or location.  Investigations typically take about 3 to 5 hours unless the location is very large, then more time will be required to cover all of the hot spots. Investigators will be sent into the location in teams of two or three. Unless the location is very large, only one team will be in the location at a time. The team will visit the designated hot spots, and conduct their investigations using the various equipment. When the investigation is completed and our equipment has been accounted for and packed away, we will contact the locations contact to let them know we are leaving, and if required we will lock up if asked to do so before leaving.


   All evidence will then be reviewed at the earliest possible date to see if any unexplained possibly paranormal activity was captured. Our findings will be communicated to the location contact. If we failed to capture any activity, we will call and inform the contact. If we do capture any activity, we will revisit the location and present the evidence to the contact. All evidence will remain the property of D.A.P.S.. Copies of the findings will be supplied to the contact free of charge.

   That is a summary of how to get your location investigated, and what is involved during the investigation. If you have any further questions or concerns, please send us a message and we can discuss them with you.

Thank You.... The D.A.P.S. Team


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