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   Fort Delaware has always been known as a haunted location. Its been one of the places we wanted to investigate but never got around to. TAPS of course beat us out, and went there earlier in 2008 to film their episode that aired in June. We tried our best to meet with TAPS as they came to town, but never crossed paths with them. This was a disappointment needless to say. So we decided to finally get off our duffs and go see what we could find. This is the first investigation for D.A.P.S. where all team members were investigating, and we had all of our equipment including a  new EMF Detector and a new Digital Thermometer.


   Fort Delaware is a State Park, run by the Park Service. It is very difficult to get into the fort as there are a lot of dangerous locations on the site, and the park service is very concerned that someone may get injured or killed. After the TAPS investigation, needless to say, everyone wants to go there. The State of Delaware is trying to accommodate Ghost Hunters as well as the curious. Unfortunately, a serious paranormal research group like D.A.P.S. cannot just make arrangements to go to the fort and do an investigation alone by ourselves. We selected to go on one of the private Ghost Tours that was offered. These are at night, and usually consist of about 25 people. The good part is that there are no re-enactors there, and a part of the group are there for the haunted history of the place, and out of curiosity. The park service then allowed us to split off from the regular tour and go with a guide into the dark bowels of the fort and other 'haunted' locations on a private tour. EVP work was difficult as you rarely found yourself alone from your guide, who liked to talk, for any length of time. However, we recommend leaving your recorder on as you walk, and the investigator with the recorder be left to lag behind as much as possible. If anything out of the ordinary is going to be caught, it will stand out. Digital picture taking is the biggest tool used, and in some locations a mini-DVD could be used. D.A.P.S. members took over 200 digital photographs, and several EVP recordings. The DVD we only used once for about 5 minutes and captured nothing as it was too dark without the IR illuminator, which we could not use due to the lack of electrical service.


   The first part of our investigation was conducted in the lower tunnels where the supplies and armaments were stored. It is an all concrete, stone, and brick area with many dark dark places. This is the area where TAPS recorded a figure moving about with the FLIR camera. We took many digital photographs here sticking the camera into a dark room or doorway and snapping a photo in hopes of capturing a lingering spirit. I tried my best to stay ahead of everyone else including the guide so I would have fresh photographs free of dust and hopefully surprising any spirits that may have been lurking before they took off. One thing of concern was the amount of dust that was in the air. Many of the photographs showed copious amounts of dust. These are often mistakenly called Orbs by many inexperienced investigators. We did catch what we think may be a genuine Orb not long after starting the investigation. It can be seen on the right side of the photo below. 


Possible Orb In Tunnels Off To The Right 

     As we walked farther down the tunnels I distinctly heard a clink sound somewhere ahead of us down the tunnel. This would be like someone holding a glass globe in one hand, and touching it with a nickle held in the other hand. Although we had assumed that EVP recording was not feasible, we set Brain up with the EVP recorder, and had him lag behind the team as we moved on down the dark tunnels. When this recording was reviewed, we found what we believe are footsteps. All of the people in our group, including the tour guides were wearing soft walking shoes like sneakers or hush puppies etc. These footsteps are distinctly of a person wearing boots, like a military person would wear. The footsteps can be heard here.



    Note: When listening to the EVP clip you will hear other investigators moving quietly about. Their footsteps are like sand on cement. Your listening for three footsteps that sound like they are in boots. The first two steps are light and start about 5 or 6 seconds into the clip then the third is very noticeable. Turn up your volume, and preferably use headphones to hear them better.


    As we moved down the tunnels we eventually came to a small room. Just outside this room was where TAPS was alleged to have captured the apparition with the FLIR Camera. At this point Jenn and I both caught what we believe is an Orb. What makes this interesting is that we both had our individual cameras, and we both took a photo of the same general area, and we took our photos from different positions. When I snapped my shot I was farther away and the possible Orb appears low on the left at the base of the wall. Jenn then stepped up about three steps and took her shot. The same possible Orb had moved back and across to the base of the stone arch.



Possible Orb In End Area Of Tunnel (Lower Left)


Possible Orb In End Area Of Tunnel

  At the end of the tunnels we arrived at the room mentioned above. This area was open to an upper level that was not accessible. We were lead down a narrow hallway to our right. At the end of the first section of hallway there was a small open area and a dark opening in the one side. Kim and I both took digital photos inside this dark room which was roped off. I took my photo first then Kim. When we reviewed these photos, we were astonished to find that in my photograph there was a large black mass co-warded into the left corner. In Kim's photograph a second later it was completely gone.


Black shadowy mass in stairwell


Same stairwell second later, no black mass


   From the stairwell area, we were lead down another leg of the hallway, and passed several rooms. We then found ourselves outside on the courtyard. I took the opportunity to poke the camera into several windows and snap some shots off. At this time Valerie who was working the digital thermometer experienced a temperature drop from 61 degrees to 35 degrees. It was in a very isolated spot and dissipated quickly. Nothing appeared in the digital photos we took around her, and she was not able to pick up the cold spot again. We then moved onward towards the soldiers quarters taking every opportunity to slip off and snap photos in dark areas and into dark but open windows. Kim was taking a photo in a kitchen area and picked up a possible Orb.


Possible Orb In Kitchen Area (Right Center)


   Also in the kitchen area, Kim was able to pick up a rather high reading with the EMF detector. It was isolated to an area inches above one table, and was found at no other location in the kitchen area. Another investigator got the same reading at the same location.


  A short time later we were investigating the officers bedrooms, and Jenn caught another possible Orb at the left of the headboard. At the same time Kim was getting mild readings near the top of the bed with the EMF detector.



Possible Orb To The Left Of The Headboard

    No other findings were uncovered from the evidence we collected. We spent approximately 4 hours investigating the fort. There are other areas that were not accessible to the public or us as they were just too dangerous. Over all, this investigation proved to be a much more fruitful than originally anticipated. Fort Delaware is a big place, and its an old place full of history, suffering, and death. It is well worth investigating, although one should not expect to be able to conduct a very thorough investigation due to the inaccessibility factors.



The Foreboding Entrance To Fort Delaware


    Based on the experiences we had, and the evidence we collected, our conclusion is that there is definitely strange and paranormal activity at Fort Delaware.



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