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      Note: Due to pilfering of our intellectual property, as of 2013 we are Trademarking all of our videos and photo images. Anyone caught using our material without our explicit written permission will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 


     We are a medium sized group just starting out about ten years ago. Our biggest problem has been finding real places to investigate. D.A.P.S. has officially been in existence since 2001, but did not reach our current size until around 2007. To date we have several investigations to our credit. Of course, at first we started out with barely any equipment, and have grown from there. We are still growing. These pages document our investigations. Not all of our investigations are posted here as some have little evidence to show, and space limitations on the web site.  Our largest location investigation to date is Fort Delaware. Our most successful investigations are two private residences. The earliest investigations that the founders had gathered evidence from years ago is not presented here as there is not enough of it to justify creating a web page, and over the years some of it was lost due to computer crashes.

 Glasgow House

 Laurel House

 Woodside House

 Frederica House

 Milton S.E. House

 Odessa National House

 St Augustine Lighthouse

 The Castillo De San Marco Fort

 The Old Jail - St Augustine Florida

 Blackbird Forrest House

 Fort Delaware

 Swede Road House

 Huntingdon Valley House

The Marcus Road House

The Bird Cage Theater - Tombstone




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