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Blackbird Forrest Road House


     D.A.P.S. was asked to investigate a personal residence in Townsend, Delaware that was built around 1924-30. This house is nearly 100 years old and had been in the same family since it was built. It is still owned by the same family, however it has not been occupied for several years. One of the reasons the house sits vacant is the report of paranormal activity at the location.  

     D.A.P.S. was called in by the current owners to investigate strange noises and activity they have experienced. We were given a tour of the home, and told about the activity they have experienced there. The owner and family members claimed experiencing objects coming off walls, and apparitions moving about, as well as hearing voices. D.A.P.S. was told of bangs and objects being manipulated in the various rooms particularly the attic. D.A.P.S. was also told of hearing walking, shuffling and movement of objects in the attic.     

     This case has been one of the more difficult cases for D.A.P.S. We have many stories and claims by family members of paranormal activity. This we take into consideration seriously when we do our investigation. During the first investigation of this location, D.A.P.S. spent nearly 4 hours investigating the claims put forth by the homeowners and family members. After the collected material was reviewed however, the result was inconclusive. In all of the material reviewed we got one photo with a possible anomaly in it, out of nearly 150 photos. We found no evidence of apparitions, or object movement in any of the videos. We found no voice EVP recordings, and we had no exceptional personal experiences. This was leading the team to conclude that if there were a haunting at this location that it was not residual. A residual haunting is one where an event occurs in a predictable pattern such as doors opening or footsteps at the same time and location each day. This type of evidence was not found. 

     We also found no evidence to support the idea of an intelligent haunting. This is where spirits will attempt to interact with investigators. Voices will be captured, intelligent responses of some sort will be captured to questions, and on occasion object movement will occur. We captured no such evidence. We also did not experience or capture any evidence indicating a Demonic or evil entity was haunting the location in spite of several reports by one family member  to this possibility. Demonic hauntings will show evidence of object movement, linear placement of objects such as bottles lined up in a row in a hallway, or all kitchen cabinets being opened. D.A.P.S. captured no such evidence. A cross was placed in the back room and it was never moved outside of it being done by human hand. Invoking the name of God and praying were also tried to stir up a reaction from a Demonic entity and none were forthcoming. 

     This lead us to the possibility of the existence of a negative entity. These are not as malicious as a Demonic entity, but are mischievous and will torment the occupants of a dwelling. With the recording of as yet unexplained noises in the attic and some seemingly valid responses to questions in two instances, it was decided that we would ask the home owner if we could return and do a session during the witching hours as suggested by one family member who noted that most activity always took place late at night. Permission was graciously granted to do a late night investigation to finally get the answers we seek regarding what may be happening at this location. The evidence we captured will indeed produce answers.        

     With this information, the D.A.P.S. team set up our equipment and paired off into teams of two. D.A.P.S. investigated the home for approximately 7 hours during two different investigations using all available equipment and techniques. At some points during the investigations, family members who were the victims of alleged spirit activity were welcomed to join the team as they investigated. This is commonly known as presenting a trigger object. This would be a person or thing which seems to attract paranormal activity. One of the important tasks for a paranormal group to do is to capture solid evidence of paranormal activity, and to capture evidence that backs up what the owner claims is happening at the location. It's also important to capture data that will back up experiences had by the paranormal investigators during their investigation. However, its also important to capture evidence that explains an activity as not being paranormal, but of earthly origins. Upon review of the evidence, we did find what we think is solid proof and answers as to what may be happening at the residence.    

     We will cover Video evidence first, followed by Photo and EVP clips. One note regarding Orbs. Many paranormal professionals dismiss Orbs outright. Far too many groups try to present paranormal Orb "evidence" that allegedly show Orbs when in fact they are bugs or more likely dust. D.A.P.S. does not completely dismiss Orbs as a legitimate paranormal event, however, D.A.P.S. is very cautious about presenting what we believe may be legitimate Orbs unless there is compelling evidence as to the Orb being a legitimate paranormal event. In the following Video, D.A.P.S. has captured what we believe are possible legitimate Orbs. Our reason for believing so is the fact that D.A.P.S. captured no other Orb's in any of its photos of other locations in the home, and what appears to be their interference with D.A.P.S. equipment. Note that this is not conclusive evidence of spirit activity, and the camera interference may be a total coincidence.



     Our findings are as follows.



Video Evidence



     One of the claims by the family was hearing noises and shuffling coming from the attic. The DAPS team caught what we believe is two possible paranormal ORB’s in the attic as shown in the video on the next page. A few minutes after we started recording during the first investigation, Cam 1 which was in the attic experienced what looks like a slight power drain making the focus blur. Moments later two identical ORB’s pass over the camera and in tandem make their way in a swooshing pattern up into the ceiling. Note the extreme brightness of the Orb’s and their perfect round shape. We believe that this is possible legitimate paranormal Orb activity.



                           Note these Orb's are the only bright circles of light seen, and move in tandem.



Photographic Evidence



     One area where activity was reported was the back room where the owners reported seeing shadow people, or black apparitions going up or down the walls. While investigators David and Kim were doing a sweep during the first investigation, they snapped the photo below showing a possible white mist in the area the home owner reported seeing activity. We witnessed this same phenomena in photos taken late during the second investigation and found that if the camera was cold and the investigator held the camera in a certain way that their finger fogged the lens. A photo taken during the second investigation showed the very edge of finger tip in the shot backing up this theory.

                                  Note the white mist which is on the left border of the photo.


                                                                           Audio Evidence


     Besides the video and digital photo evidence, the D.A.P.S. teams were able to perform a lot of EVP sessions trying to make contact. On review of the evidence, we found a few interesting EVP's. During the second investigation however we were able to debunk some of what we captured during the first investigation. These will be explained in the individual sections.


         Note: For the best listening experience, use headphones and raise the WAV volume on your PC.


      One of the first EVP's to be captured during the first investigation was with the digital recorder that was placed with CAM 1 in the attic. These recorders are started when the cameras are placed and left on during the entire investigation.  At the time this evidence was captured, we confirmed by reviewing video that no one was in the attic or back room of the house. It was emanating from the attic as it was not picked up by the recorder in the room below indicating that the sounds did not generate from that location.  What you will hear is quite clearly objects in the attic being manipulated. This happens for about 45 seconds in time. Nothing was captured on video moving so we are not sure exactly what was being manipulated. That experience is caught on this clip.
 EVP Debunked

     The above EVP was debunked during the second investigation. The same sounds were recorded in the attic while at the same time a mouse was captured on video moving about. Mice may not seem like big creatures, but in the middle of the night when everything is silent, and if your already suspecting something is happening in the house, a mouse can sound as big as a squirrel or cat. A family member who used to live in the house reported hearing scratching and compared it to a dog trying to dig its way down through the ceiling. This was just after they had sprinkled salt up in the attic. Salt is a barrier. It should be used to keep spirits out, not in. The salt on the hard wood floor in the attic only served to enhance the sounds of the mice scratching away up there. Investigators found clear evidence of mouse droppings in the attic as well.  See below for the second EVP recording and the video of the mouse.



     In the video clip provided below we show the noise maker in the attic, a mouse. We only caught this one little guy, but there are bound to be more.



     Our second EVP clip was caught by Kim. Kim was investigating in the back room. Kim was sitting on the recliner just to the left as you enter the room. She was asking a series of questions and asking for a specific knock in response. She asks if Mike was there, and if so please knock once. Then she asks if Mr. and Mrs. B were there, and if so please knock twice. She finally asks if there is a demon there, and if so to knock 3 times then she reaches back and knocks on the wall giving an example. She gets nothing at first and states that she is waiting. She then gets her response, and it can be heard in this clip. At this point we cannot debunk this event.


     Our third EVP was also caught by David and Kim. They were conducting an EVP session in the attic. David was told by family members that banging on the dry wall irritated the spirits, so he attempted to do a little provoking. David bangs 4 times and asks a question. Then he bangs again 4 times and immediately gets two bangs in response. The recording here only has his second banging and the 2 knocks response comes very fast along with one investigators footstep. It can be heard in this clip. This is later debunked.


(NOTE: This clip is a little loud as it is from the recorder David was holding so it was close to him. Lower your volume to half or less for the best audio. )
EVP Debunked

     The above EVP was tentatively debunked. D.A.P.S. took the audio clip and cleaned it up and removed some background noise. It is still difficult to hear due to the volume of the recording, but we have come to the conclusion that what seems to be two knocks in response are another  investigators footsteps, the later of which are a bit clearer in the clip.

         There were many other sounds that were captured during the investigation. Clicks, thumps, movement, and bangs. Most of these were captured in the attic or back room.  Many of these were normal occurrences with investigators moving in other areas of the house or floors creaking after being stepped on etc. as noted above.

Personal Experiences



      D.A.P.S. teams had a few personal experiences during both investigations. Personal experiences are paranormal events that take place that affected the investigators during their investigation, but were not captured by the equipment. We will list them here as they belong with the evidence we did capture.

      One personal experience was with David and Kim while doing an EVP session in the attic during the first investigation. Kim felt a scratch on her lower back. David checked her skin and saw no marks at the time. None the less its a personal experience of note.

       D.A.P.S. team members also experienced several temperature drops, most commonly in the back room where a noticeable 2 to 3 degree temperature change was noted multiple times, and verified with the digital thermometer. This room always seemed to be cold and later in the investigations the temperature outside got very cold. This room also had a slight draft when the laundry room door was open as it was a non-insulated room.

      Another personal experience was with Kris and Chris where they experienced a series of high K-2 spikes in the attic while they were investigating with Rob during the first investigation. Unfortunately the video Cam was too far away to capture the spike at the time. There will be many more K2 hits during the second investigation, and they will be explained later.

       Another personal experience was while Kim and David were doing an EVP session in the attic. Kim was provoking by banging on the ceiling and the K2 provided 2 very low spikes. These were not captured by a camera and were weak, but its important to note that the house has no power what so ever, so it begs the question of where did these energy spikes come from? (We now have this answer!!)


The Mysterious K2 Hits Explained


      The K2 meter is a digital device used to measure magnetic fields. It is commonly believed that when spirits attempt to manifest they draw energy from surroundings and this causes an energy field which can be detected. The K2 meter is a very popular device, and is used by many paranormal groups. It is however, well known that the K2 is susceptible to interference by Radio Frequencies. These are typically created by Walki-Talkie Radios. D.A.P.S. does not use their Walki Talkie Radios unless the location is unusually large. We did not bring them with us for use during either part of this investigation. What we did not know at the time was that the newer 4G cell phones also cause a Radio Frequency burst that interferes with the K2. During the first investigation we experienced a few hits but nothing major. This still had us wondering what could be causing the spikes. I had left my Cell in my truck, and none of the other team members had a 4G phone at the time, although family members  were outside using various cell devices. It was during the second investigation that I had my 4G phone with me having forgotten to leave it in my truck. Again, family members and homeowners were using cell devices outside the home during the investigation. We experienced many high K2 spikes during the second investigation, that had several team members quite excited. However, when the audio files were reviewed, the Radio Frequency interference was clear as day thus debunking the K2 spikes as anything paranormal. The following EVP recordings are evidence to this fact.



Other Evidence Debunked


      The second part of this investigation was quite active as far as what team members thought were personal experiences. Aside from the K2 spikes, David experienced what he thought was being touched while investigating in the attic with Brian. He was quite excited as the attic was devoid of cob webs where he was standing. However, on reviewing the video footage at that time, it appears that David had gotten close enough to the piece of plywood leaning against the wall to his left, and its course surface grabbed the hairs on his arm.


     Another incident that took place was while Jenn and Val were investigating in the attic. Val claims that she was touched in the ear by something that was buzzing. A family member also made the claim that the sound of bat or bird like wing flapping could be heard in the attic. On review of the video from the time when Val experienced this event, we found that there is a large moth or similar bug in the attic. These large moths are generally very quiet when they fly around. They are however attracted to light. If the floodlight from the house across the street came on or a bright moon was out late some night, the moth will go to the source and hit the window and flap its wings and flutter trying to get to the light source. This activity during the dead of night can be quite loud and seem like a bat or bird is in the room flapping its wings. In the video clip on the next page it can clearly be seen buzzing around before it appears again and hits Val in the head.



     In the video clip below a large insect believed to be a moth can be seen flying around then reappears and fly’s into the head of the investigator. At first it can be seen in back of Val’s neck then later it seems to fly from Jenn to Val and hits Val in the head and she reacts, then the insect fly’s off to the right.




 Evidence Not Found


           D.A.P.S. had a total of 28 hours of Video footage that was set to record in the front rooms, kitchen into bath/bedroom area, back room, and attic in an attempt to capture any object movement, shadow people, or apparitions. On review of the footage, none were detected, and during the night no evidence of the apparition or shadow person was found. We also did not capture any objects moving.

          D.A.P.S. also had 29+ hours of audio that was recorded in the above locations as well as a recorder carried by the investigating team during both investigations. We heard a lot of ticks and thumps or other such noises that were caused by normal house settlement such as a floor creaking after people had been walking on it, or people moving about on other floors. Nothing that was paranormal or out of the ordinary.

          D.A.P.S. also reviewed approximately 250 digital photos for these investigations, only finding one showing possible activity.

          The lack of captured evidence however does not imply that the experiences explained to us are not valid. It simply means that the spirits, if present, did not choose to interact with us and our equipment during the investigation, or that those experiences can be explained as normal earthy events.





         In conclusion, after reviewing all of the sound, photo, and video footage captured, and in consideration of the small amount of possible paranormal evidence that was found at the location, D.A.P.S. believes that there is not paranormal activity happening at the residence. The absence of any voices on any of the EVP’s and lack of interaction with investigators indicates to us that any possible haunting was not residual or intelligent in nature. Nothing in the evidence supports that. An additional investigation after the midnight hour in an attempt to capture the more blatant activity that was reported by the owners and family yielded nothing outside of normal answers to questions from the first investigation. They stated that most activity occurred after midnight, so we did the second investigation after midnight. We were told that people had to be alone, and we sent people into different rooms alone, and told them to be silent for 15 minutes, and nothing was captured. The absence of any of the indicators of a Demonic presence also excludes any activity of that nature.  If the home owners would feel better about doing something more, we will supply instructions on how to perform a house cleansing and sealing. Otherwise we feel the house is devoid of spirits and spirit activity, and safe to restore and occupy.


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