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  Welcome to the web site of the Delaware Area Paranormal Society aka D.A.P.S. The State of Delaware's premier Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation group. My name is David Allen, and along with my wife Kimberly, we decided to start our own paranormal investigation group. This is a work in progress as we build our investigations history.

  The overall goal of Delaware Area Paranormal Society is simple. It is to investigate reportedly haunted locations, and capture scientific evidence to prove paranormal activity is taking place, and to alternatively find evidence of normal everyday events that only seem paranormal, then present this evidence to the clients in a professional manner.

  What started all of this? Kimberly has always been a believer in the paranormal. Her desire to experience some sort of paranormal activity is large enough to justify starting this project. I personally have always been the skeptic who usually finds some way to explain away, or debunk what people have experienced. Oddly enough, it is myself who has had the opportunity to experience paranormal activity, and Kimberly has not, much to her chagrin.

    Way back around 2001 Kim and I would spot old buildings, and say that place looks haunted. We started bringing a digital camera and digital recorder with us and we would gain access to these locations and do a little investigating. At first we had a small web site on Yahoo, and little to no serious evidence to post on it, but it was a beginning. Since those humble beginnings, Yahoo has since stopped offering the service. We then moved to another hosting service and were displeased with the service and inability to have the site appear in search engine results. Finally we ended up here at Webs. As time passed and ghost hunting became all the rage, we decided to invest more time and money into our group. We joined forces with a few other people with the same interests, and started purchasing more equipment. We studied the paranormal and learned how to more effectively use our equipment. We found that many paranormal groups would simply visit old graveyards, and abandoned buildings, or engage in publicity stunts to get money and attention. We wanted to move beyond that stage. D.A.P.S. team decided to raise the bar, and try to stick with more serious locations and personal clients, although D.A.P.S. will investigate any location if requested. This does limit the number of our investigations, but not the quality. As we grew as a team, and our equipment roster expanded, the results also improved. This is evident in our investigations most of which we document here on this site. Today Delaware Area Paranormal Society has 7 full time investigators and over $5000 worth of equipment, and we're not done yet.

     Posted below our photograph is a review of our personal experiences with the paranormal, and some Tidbits. Enjoy...


Our Personal Experiences

   Kimberly has yet to have any personal experiences. I myself have had three. A full body apparition, and two large black mists. All three of these occurred in our New Castle home.


   Kimberly's parents died a few years ago of cancer. She had been longing for them to come visit her, and we think they did. Kimberly works at night as a Nurse, so I was home alone during these incidents.

   One night I came upstairs and went into our bedroom without turning any lights on because we have very low voltage window candles. As I walked into the room, off to the right I saw a full body apparition of an adult male sitting on the bench in front of the window. I glanced right over at it, and kept going to the closet to dispose of my dirty socks. When I turned around to leave, the apparition was gone.  I'm sure it was Kim's deceased father.

   On another night I was sleeping and was awakened by someone pressing on my lower back as I lay in the bed. It woke me from a sound sleep and I turned to see if Kim had come home early from work. When I turned and looked up I saw a large black mist in the shape of a human figure hovering above me. Being tired and in a sleepy stupor I was not alarmed in the least, I ignored it, turned back over and went back to sleep.

   The third and last incident occurred at night while I was sleeping again. I had become restless and had started to awaken. I felt a sensation like I was being watched. I turned and looked up and on the other side of the room over my wife's side of the bed was the large black mist in the shape of a human figure again. I watched it for a few seconds, said "cross over to the other side you do not belong here", then turned over and went back to sleep.

   Kimberly was quite upset that I was the one who had the personal experiences, when she is the one who wants to have one. She is also upset that I told her parents to leave. Needless to say I was unprepared at the time. I now sleep with a small digital camera on the bed stand. Since the third incident where I told the spirits to leave, we've had no further activity at the house




     We have all heard of stories where paranormal investigators have had something attach itself to them or their equipment and follow them home. Until recently, Delaware Area Paranormal Society has not had this happen. We are currently in the middle of a double investigation at a location where we believe that a negative energy is the cause of reported paranormal activity. In fact, we will be conducting the second part of our investigation at this location in two days. The first part took place nearly 6 weeks ago. Since arriving home from the first part of the investigation, we have experienced different noises in the house that we've never heard before. We also hear what sound like footsteps and movement in other rooms. We have a finished basement in our home. This has been done now for 10 years. I have not moved furniture or been working in this room for many years. It basically sits unused. We do come down to the basement to access the freezer and a large pantry we have in the unfinished portion. To get up the steps we enter the corner of this den. Each time I get ready to go up the stairs I instinctively look into the room. Last weekend I noticed that the large black grille from the front of one of my stereo speakers was on the floor. This is odd as it's never come off before. As I noted, we have not moved any furniture in that room in years. There are two speakers sitting on the carpeted floor one on each side of a TV stand with a TV on it and a stereo component unit. I replaced the speaker grill which is attached by 4 pins, one at each corner, being snugly inserted into four matching rubber lined holes in the speaker body. I ensured that the grille was firmly attached and that all 4 pins were seated. The next morning I came down to grab something for packing my lunch for work and the grille was down again. This again was quite odd. I replaced the grille and left. The next evening I came down to paint in my shop and the grille was off again. Only the one speaker was affected, not the other. I was beginning to think something was there and it had followed us from this last investigation location. 

 I set up the DVR with an IR camera and started recording. The following afternoon while I was out cutting the lawn and no one was in the house, the grille comes off again. This time I caught it on video. I was expecting to just see it flop off, with nothing else appearing in the video. My expectations were wrong. Not only do we see the grille come off, but at the same time we caught what seems to be an energy field moving from left to right just as the speaker grille starts to move. This makes for a very interesting and creepy video. This is posted below for you to watch. It looks like Kim and I will need to do a smudging to chase this entity out and cleanse the home. 







   Dave's scariest/creepiest place on earth is Pripyat in the Ukraine. In case your not familiar with the place, it used to be a thriving city less than two kilometers from the Chernobyl Nuclear reactor facility. It was irradiated when the Chernobyl accident took place in 1986, and only after 40 long hours were it's residents finally evacuated. They had no idea of the danger they were in that day. Today it sits just as it was left, but in ruin, as time and nature have slowly started to reclaim the city. But its calm and peaceful atmosphere is misleading, as death lives there in the form of deadly radiation to this very day. The lost souls of those who were unwittingly irradiated and died that fateful day still roam its empty streets. Just knowing that death is everywhere there, that its all around you where ever you go, and you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot feel it, and you cannot touch it physically, just creeps me out. 




   Please click on the link at the top of the page to find out how to get your haunted location investigated, see who is on the Delaware Area Paranormal Society investigative team, to visit a page regarding our investigations, to review any evidence we might have caught, or to contact us with questions or concerns.


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